SSL Certificates for App Engine

The quickest and easiest way to get SSL certificates for App Engine. No messing about with the terminal or combining keys, everything happens in the browser.


Great pricing

At just $50 a year we not only provide you with exceptional features, but also exceptional value.

Note: You need to have activated ssl.

Not just App Engine

We are currently targeting App Engine users, however we provide both the App Engine formatted certificates and the unformatted ones so our certificates can be used on any server. So if you move away from App Engine or you aren't using it to start with then we can still deliver.

We don't currently provide "helping you setup" support for websites not hosted on App Engine, ask your hosting provider instead.

Ease of use

No one likes using poorly designed software. That is why we have spent time creating an intuitive and intelligent website.

Fast Issuance

Typically, certificates are issued within 5 minutes of verification.

Great Support

Need help with setting up? We are just an email away.

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Advanced user?

Do you like "messing about with the terminal"? Well that's great (we kinda like it as well). If you've generated your own Certificate Signing Request then we'll happily process that for you.

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Frequently asked questions

Which certificate authority signs the certificates?

Currently the root certificate authorities we use are subsidiaries of Symantec and Comodo

Can I upload my own CSR?

Yes you can: Upload a CSR

Who does your payments?

Our payment provider is Stripe. Your credit card info is never sent to our servers. If you want to know more about how this works please send an email to [email protected].

Do you provide wildcard certificates?

Wildcard certificates are much more expensive so unless you need more than 5 sub domains they are not economical. If you do need this then send an email to [email protected].

Do you provide extended verification certificates?

Yes, just ping us an email and we will tell you how much it will cost. (we are working on integrating it into the purchase form)

I have a different question.

We love hearing from people, send an email to [email protected].